Mobile Bottling

The following information is for wineries only, sorry breweries! We are looking to add mobile beer bottling to our stable of services and solutions in the future, watch this space for that announcement.

East Coast Mobile Bottling

Over the last year or so, we heard from more and more winery clients who wanted us to offer mobile wine bottling along with the products and services they already knew us for. We did our research and wouldn’t you know, just when we began putting our plan into action, a well-known east coast mobile bottling truck became available for sale! Kismet, or maybe just Kismet’s distant cousin Business.

However you like to look at it, we snapped up Landwirt Mobile Bottling, renamed it East Coast Mobile Bottling and BAM, here we are. Existing customers of theirs will recognize some friendly faces and their decades of experience, while our current winery clients will recognize the service and flexibility they’ve come to expect from Wine & Beer Supply. So basically, it’s the hottest mashup of 2017 and we couldn’t wait to drop this track on you.

Although spots are filling up fast, we still have availability for the last quarter of 2017 and are taking appointments for the fourth quarter of 2018. Check out East Coast Mobile Bottling for more information, to book a mobile wine bottling appointment, and to learn more about pre-bottling mobile bottling requirements.

This is a really exciting addition for us, as it allows us to provide a service our clients had wanted from us for some time, along with giving us a chance to meet even more wineries outside of our home state of Virginia.

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