Classic French Oak Barrel

Basic Specifications:

Oak: Quercus Petreae, 200 to 250 years old
Origin of Forests: Selection from Center France
Grain: Tight (average 2mm)
Staves: 27mm
Seasoning: 24 months
Heads: Untoasted
Bung: Silicon
Hoops: Galvanized
Options available: 36 month seasoning (extra fee), 22mm thin staves, toasted heads, wooden bung, laser stencil on heads
225L @ 710€ (converted to $ at time of delivery) with free pick up at our warehouse in Richmond, or a nominal delivery fee based on location.


Like the Thimeo barrel, this barrel is made from a selection of oak wood coming from forests from the Center of France. Its tight grain shows respect to the fruit, bringing finesse, freshness and structure to help you produce elegant wines.
Ideal for: Red fruit such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Tannat where you are looking for more volume and masculine aging with finesse.

Located in St Simon de Bordes, between Bordeaux and Cognac, Bossuet Cooperage is more than 25 years old and has built a strong reputation for producing high quality barrels for both French wineries and abroad. The cooperage focuses primarily on brand new oak barrels, and we have worked with Bossuet to develop a core selection for our customers. These are not discount barrels by any means but are exceptional quality wine barrels produced in France with top quality oak. Bossuet Cooperage produces approximately 8000 barrels a year.

Bossuet may be less known here in Virginia than some of the larger cooperages, but has been making excellent barrels for decades and takes great pride in the reputation of their family-owned cooperage.

If you are interested in this barrel, please contact us at sales@wineandbeersupply or give us a call at 844-4VA-BEER.


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